CTIN SPAIN offers a specialized team in artworks and jewellery, analysing and elaborating reports for insurance companies, art galleries, transport companies and individuals. We cover a wide variety of claims related to damages during transports, thefts, restorations, compensations, etc. to quantify damages and evaluate a possible indemnify.

If goods are damaged, a legal dispute may arise over the responsibility for the said damage, as well as a possible compensation, requiring expert surveyors who can analyse all kinds of pieces from areas as varied as: antiques, paintings, drawings, manuscripts, books, jewellery, sculptures, photography, etc.

In such cases it is from the most extreme importance to be in dispose of professionals with extensive experience in claims related to artworks. Investigation by an expert can verify the cause of the damage and the responsibility. In cases of artwork claims or litigations, the knowledge and skills of our team allows our clients have an indemnify according to the insurance policy and avoid possible fraud.

Claims Handling and Recoveries

  • Investigations on circumstances of loss
  • Insurance fraud investigation
  • Packaging supervisión
  • Transit claims of all types
  • Robbery & Theft investigation
  • Investigations on circumstances of loss