Specialized in performing surveys of all types of vessels and goods

CTIN is a company specialized in performing surveys of all types of vessels and goods, who offer a full comprehensive service as surveyors and loss adjusters and resolve complex and high value claims for the insurance sector, always seeking the best solution for our clients.


Inspection and damage assessment during sea, air and land transport of all types of goods.

Intervention in claims for different type of goods or situations, such as refrigerated, frozen, perishable, dangerous, dry cargo, steel products, coils, salvage and reconditioning, shortages and theft, contamination during bulk transport in ships or tankers, stowage and lashing verification, cargo control, accidents, equipment breakdowns, pre-shipment and unloading inspections.

Inspection and transfer of containers with all types of goods, in port terminals, logistic warehouses and companies.


Inspection and survey of damage to merchant ships, fishing boats, tugboats, yachts and all types of pleasure crafts. Inspection of hull and engine damages, sinking, fire, grounding and collisions.

Inspection and survey of damage to shafts, flying buttresses, propellers, rudders, electronic equipment, collisions, sea strikes, electrolytic corrosion in submerged elements, broken masts, vandalism, misdemeanors and theft.  


Assessment and valuation of civil liability claims in marinas, yacht clubs, port terminals, dry docks, shipyards, ship repair shops, stevedoring companies and shipping companies.

Boat falls in dry docks, travelift damage, mooring breakage claims, damage to vessels or goods during loading and unloading operations, damage to yachts transported by ship, pollution due to oil spills, fires and damage due to spills.

Loss adjusting for liability claims for goods in companies, damage due to handling, wetting, fire, contamination in containers or tankers, misdemeanors and theft.